Is a nitrided iron wok a non-stick wok

Nitride woks are not non-stick woks.

What is nitriding? Nitriding is a heat treatment process that increases the corrosion resistance aer maintenance, a nitrided iron wok can last for decades. Compared with traditional iron woks, nitrided iron woks are lighter and easier to use. Nitriding iron wok is just nitrogen atoms infiltrated into the lattice of iron metal. Even if it is precipitated, it is only nitrogen gas, which is very safe in itself. Because the air already contains 70% nitrogen.

Therefore, the nitriding process only enhances the rust resistance and durability of the iron wok, and does not make the iron wok have a non-stick layer. It can be said that the nitrided iron wok is uncoated. But we can also make the iron wok more usable, and it is not easy to stick to the wok when cooking.

Helps the wok to build an oil film, which can reduce the sticking of the wok when in use. First, use dish soap and loofah to clean the inside and outside of the newly purchased iron nitride wok. Then use a kitchen towel or a dry washcloth to absorb all the water on the wok, and dry the wok over a low heat. Third, heat the iron wok, use a piece of fatty pork or pour in cooking oil, coat the inside of the iron wok with oil, and heat it evenly. Fourth, wash the pot with warm water, wipe dry, dry the iron pot, apply a thin layer of cooking oil, and place the iron pot in a cool and dry place. In order to thicken the oil film layer, the above steps can be repeated several times.This will make the wok more usable and less likely to stick to the wok.

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