Bielmeier 13.4 inch Traditional Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Pow Wok

(32 customer reviews)


Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Brand Bielmeier
Item Diameter 13.4 Inches
Color Sliver
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22.24 x 13.39 x 7.48 inches


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About this item
    • Healthy, No Chemical Coating: This hand hammered pow wok is made of carbon steel without chemical coating. It is healthy and non-toxic. It’s easy rust.Don’t forget to season it before use. After bluing the wok, it will improves with every use. The more you cook, the better it perform.
    • Professional Chefs Choose: This wok is ideal for stir frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, braising, frying, and deep frying favorite Asian recipes and more. The carbon steel wok pan heats quickly and cooks evenly. The wok has extra deep shape allows the chef to easily fold meals when cooking, so it is easy to stir fry and make a delicacy.
    • Suitable For Any Stovetop and Spatula: The wok with flat bottom that creates a stable surface for secure cooking on gas, electric, halogen and induction cooktops, no extra support accessories needed. The carbon steel wok is suitable for all kinds of spatula, wooden, silicone, metal, etc.
    • Sturdy and durable: This carbon steel wok is equipped with heat-resistant wooden handle and steel helper handle, they are riveted tightly and firmly. The helper handle makes it easier for lifting and to hang for storage.
    • Each wok is uniquely crafted with precision, passion and care. It is a good choice as a gift for cooking lovers and chefs.
    • What you get: 13.4-inch carbon steel wok, worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Welcome to join Bielmeier. Bielmeier is committed to providing you with cost-effective products for the kitchen and home.

We also want to share some notes with you :

1. It‘s not a non-stick pan, it will become more and more non-stick through your seasoning. instructions for easy seasoning are included with the wok You can find seasoned videos through YouTube.

2. After cooking, please move the food to other containers, because the salt and acid components in the food will penetrate the iron surface, which may affect the special treatment effect of the surface.

3.It is not allowed to stew Chinese medicine and mung beans in an iron pan. It is not advisable to cook acid foods such as bayberry, hawthorn, begonia, apple.

4. It needs to be cleaned in time, but the dishwasher cannot be used. Keep it dry after cleaning.

Thanks again for your attention!


32 reviews for Bielmeier 13.4 inch Traditional Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Pow Wok

  1. Moonminx (verified owner)

    i like it

  2. Jamie Dawn (verified owner)

    “This wok is physically quite beautiful. It does require seasoning and special care. But it is a nice lightweight steel with an attractive pebble look.

  3. Katy Tibbets (verified owner)

    Nothing to dislike. Heats evenly, my first dish came out great. Make sure to season properly before first use.

  4. Melanie_Bautista (verified owner)


  5. Pineapple Queen (verified owner)

    Works great. Very durable. Just make sure to care for it like you would any cast iron.

  6. Marlena Gromadzki (verified owner)

    Good for stir frying

  7. Brian Doove (verified owner)

    I like the size of the wok. Not too large like many others at 14”. It’s solid if you take good care of it.

  8. Pauline (verified owner)

    “This Wok is awesome, I basically cook everything on it now.

  9. Joseph Transue (verified owner)

    Just received it. Lid is defective but I just want it replaced as I’m very excited to use it.

  10. Brandy Walasik (verified owner)

    I also ordered both 13 and 12.5 inch variants. They are exactly the same product. Don’t know why the seller created two entries.”

  11. Jonnie D (verified owner)

    This is a beautifully designed wok. It’s sturdy and the wood is really nice and compliments it well! The seasoning instructions are clear and precise. High recommend!

  12. Angela Cox (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble, great overall

  13. 🔊SonicBoomin💥The Starwalker💫 (verified owner)

    So far I really like it, however the lid was broken when I opened the box.

  14. Bambie Jala (verified owner)

    Easy to clean love it

  15. Nichole lane (verified owner)

    I am happy I spent a little more money on this wok, food cooks great on it and it doesnt stick. Clean up is a breeze.

  16. Pamela J Sapienza (verified owner)

    Nice product, exactly as described. Wife loves it.

  17. Jessica H (verified owner)

    Works great with Induction Cooktop. This was obviously our main concern. Heats very quickly. Lightweight. When seasoned (seasoning in picture), the natural non-stick is excellent.

  18. Urvish Tamakuwala (verified owner)

    Easy to assemble, great overall

  19. Lydia M Guzman (verified owner)

    It’s a good pan it gets warm quick

  20. Bryan (verified owner)

    Definitely bigger than expected, but that just means it fits more food! The heating is great so far on the gas stovetop. Perfect for stirfry!

  21. VJ (verified owner)

    I love this wok and I like the fact that I can put it in the oven. its a great quality pan. I highly recommend it.

  22. Jen Leddy (verified owner)

    I received the product in perfect condition. The product comes with several useful accessories (lid, chopsticks, spoon, etc.) and heats very well and evenly as expected. Very quick and easy clean. Satisfied overall

  23. Mengxue (verified owner)

    Well made sturdy easy to use on the stove, food was well prepared.

  24. TH (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! Enjoys cooking with chopsticks. There was a voucher for a free pan and customer service was amazing they sent him an additional 8” pan which he also loves! Cant say enough he is a tough person to shop for and this has been the best gift yet!thank you

  25. Gwendalynn Schneider (verified owner)

    “It is a very well made wok. Nonsticking is pretty good out of the box after one seasoning. I usually season it after each time I cook with it (on the stovetop). After maybe 8 uses, it is just about like a nonstick Teflon pan now. Perfect weight and size.

  26. jls (verified owner)

    Its really helped me get better at cooking all types of Asian cuisine. (Oh and youtube ladies posting all those lovely yummiest recipes).”

  27. J L (verified owner)

    It is very easy to clean and the thickness is perfect for cooking. The added accessories are a plus. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  28. Robert Leo (verified owner)

    I use this for a variety of stir fry & combo fried rice dishes. It does an excellent job and is perfect for true oriental cooking

  29. crystal chavez (verified owner)

    We got this for Christmas and we are so excited to use it! It is so sturdy, and comes with all the gadgets to help make your amazing Asian meal!

  30. Tommy Valentine (verified owner)

    Well made, light weight,so easy to use. I was amazed how well packaged everything was, anda useful tote bag to boot! The rich wooden handle comes in its own air bubble tube to prevent any damage to it. The wooden cookware is rich and well made as well and its own lofa sponge! The stepped wooden lid is well made as well, no rough spots or chips. The removable handle is easy to put on and take off, allowing the wok to be used in the oven upto 450 deg. Seasoning is easy, and step by step instructions are included and easy to follow. I would suggest that you treat the wooden lid and utensils as you would any fine wooden kitchenware. Just rub a little food grade mineral oil or wood care oil on before using and as needed after. The last picture shows the last paper towel from the seasoning process. A little black is OK! Store your wok up side down to prevent any moisture build up that could cause rusting. This IS steel and like cast iron needs protection from moisture. Reseason as needed. The more you use it, the better the non stick gets. It is NOT treated with any non stick coating, so no icky stuff in your food! I am more than happy I chose THIS wok. I love it, and you will too! Happy cooking!

  31. gnathicman (verified owner)

    Like it a lot, especially for stir frying. Been looking for a good wok for a loooong time. Has had this one for a month and like it. Its flat bottom sit neatly on the stove. It’s thin and thus heats up quickly. Cleaning is easy esp since you are not supposed to use detergent so just hot water and be done with it. The only think I didn’t like what the lid, wish it was a look through lid. Hope it doesn’t rust like all the other woks I have used.

  32. jaime j torres (verified owner)

    Good for stir frying! Heats up very well

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