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                   ——-Tips for non-stick frying in a wok

The editor often sees in the comments that many netizens complain that it is easy to stick to the wok and burn the food when using the iron wok to cook. After consulting the technicians in the factory and many housewives who are good at cooking, the editor has sorted out some useful tips, which are effective for personal testing.

Provided, of course, that you have a proper wok. A good start is half the battle. The following tips are all operated by default after the wok has been seasoned.

The wok must be cleaned. We must clean the wok before cooking, because the residual ingredients attached to the wok are the first to be heated when we cook, and often our dishes have not been put in the wok. When the oil is hot, the wok surface is already mushy. The taboo of cooking, everyone must pay attention.

Never overfill the wok. If the wok is too full, the wok will heat unevenly, resulting in uneven heating of the food, cooked on the bottom, still raw on the top, burnt on the bottom, and undercooked on the top. It will not be easy to stir fry, and the food will easily overflow, Not only wastes food, but also increases the cleaning burden.

For frying pans, especially Chinese iron woks, the most suitable stove is a gas stove. The strong firepower of the gas stove can make the iron wok get sufficient and even heat, which is especially suitable for frying in the iron wok, giving full play to the advantages of the iron wok.

A particularly useful tip is to preheat the wok, cook it until the wok emits smoke, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, then shake the wok, let the cooking oil hang evenly around the wall of the wok and slide the wok, then turn off the heat. After the cooking oil has cooled down, heat up the oil and start cooking. This method is more suitable for cooking at home, so that it is cooled and then reheated, and the cooking will not stick to the wok. If it still sticks to the wok, repeat the above steps and slide the wok again.

Another tip that works especially well when frying fish or other meats is ginger. This is the magic of ginger. The specific method is to clean the wok, and then use sliced ginger to evenly coat the inner wall of the wok several times. When the juice of the ginger slices is insufficient, replace the ginger slices immediately. This method is the most convenient and efficient. Warm reminder, when frying fish or other meats, use kitchen paper to absorb the excess water on the food first.

If netizens have other tips, we can communicate in the comment area together.

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