Various uses of wok

Many people are unfamiliar with wok and think that wok is only suitable for stir frying Chinese food. In fact, it is not. The wok is a very magical, multi-functional and easy-to-use cooking tool. Today, the editor will share with you that the wok can not only stir-fry, but also fry, stew, boil, and steam.

Stir-frying, as we all know, is the most basic and most widely used use of wok. The most important thing in stir-frying is to control the heat and stir-fry the “wok hei” of the wok into the food, so that the food is more complete in color and flavor. “Wok hei”, the word comes from Cantonese, refers to when the ingredients are stir-fried at high temperature, they use violent firepower to stir-fry quickly in the wok, fragrant. These reactions give food an enticing aroma without causing it to burn. The bowl-shaped shape, compared to the pan, allows the wok to hold more food and prevents the food from falling out when stir-frying. The design of this curve makes the heat evenly distributed, and it is not easy to burn when frying. The carbon steel material allows the wok to heat up quickly and provides cooking efficiency.

It is very convenient to fry eggs, fry fish, and fry meat with a wok. The method of using this is actually similar to that of a pan. A round-bottomed wok is also good for frying eggs and frying fish.

Stews and soups are also handy for a wok. The deep, round shape of the wok is an innate advantage that allows the wok to stew and boil. There isn’t much difference between stew in a wok and stew in a saucepan. It can hold enough food and water, and the soup is not easy to splash out when boiling. It’s just that the round-bottomed wok needs to be put back into the bowl before it can be served, but the flat-bottomed wok can be served directly without a plate.

The wok can be used as a steamer, as long as you have a steaming pad of the right size. Pour an appropriate amount of water at the bottom of the wok, put a steaming pad on it, season the food to be steamed and put it into the tableware. Finally, place it on the steaming pad, cover the lid, calculate the time, and you can cook it. It is also very simple to operate.

Wok is like a bowl and a pan at the same time, which offers all sorts of versatility.

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