Stir fry tips – hot wok with cold oil

Hot wok with cold oil is a cooking method commonly used for cooking. It is to put the wok on a high fire and heat it up first, but be careful not to overheat and make the wok red. Then pour in the cold oil, pour the ingredients to stir fry. The hot wok and cold oil cooking method works especially well for meat and high-protein dishes.

The correct way of hot wok and cold oil:

To wash the wok first, put it on the fire to dry the water in the wok, then heat the wok, and then pour the oil. Don’t wait for the oil to burn until it’s smoking or very hot, but be sure to add the ingredients to fry while the oil is still warm. Another method is to dry and heat the wok and pour in the cooking oil. After the oil is heated, shake the wok so that the hot oil covers the four walls of the wok, then pour it out, and then pour an appropriate amount of warm or cold oil again. When the oil is hot, fry the ingredients in the wok.

What are the benefits of hot wok with cold oil:

*Reduce nutrient loss: Hot wok and cold oil “fry quickly”, the loss of vitamin C in vegetables is only 17%. 

*Reduce oil fumes: When cooking with cold oil in a hot wok, the temperature of the oil will not reach very high, the oil is not prone to some special reactions, and the generated oil fumes are relatively small.

*Not easy to stick to pan: This is because of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. When the iron wok is heated, it will expand, so that there will be many small holes in the object. When the oil is poured in, the oil will quickly enter the small holes, and the object will shrink, so that the oil remains in these small holes. When the raw materials for cooking are put into the wok, the oil in the pores seeps out again when heated, so that there is a layer of oil between the raw materials and the wok, so that the wok does not stick. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the iron wok must not burn red when it is heated. If it is overheated, the hot wok and cold oil will not work.

*All colors and flavors: When the ingredients are poured into the warm oil, there will be an instant temperature buffer, and the food will be quickly started to stir-fry, so that the protein on the surface of the ingredients will gradually denature, and it will be easier to stretch out, making the heating more uniform and sufficient, and the fried dishes will not only taste good, but also The color of the dishes is also beautiful.

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