How to Remove Carbon Black from a Charred Wok

In order to answer a phone call or open the door, I often forget that something is still cooking on the gas stove. Of course, this price is a scorched wok. For this kind of charred dirt, simply use brute force to scrub, often exhausted. After trying several methods, I found a more practical and easy operation to share with you.

When you find that it is burnt, immediately use a spatula to clean up all the food residues that can be removed. And use a wok brush to brush away food residue as much as possible, and rinse with water. You will find charred carbonized black stains left in the wok. It is precisely this that is the most difficult to deal with, and it is also the key point that I want to share with you today.

Dry the cleaned wok with a kitchen towel. Turn on the gas stove and turn it to high. Bake the inside of the wok over fire. When the inner wall of the wok turns red, turn off the heat and use a spatula to quickly remove the carbon deposits on the inner wall. After shoveling back and forth a few times, the carbon deposits will fall off. Be careful not to place the freshly heated wok directly on the wet or ceramic tile to prevent the wok from bursting due to hot and cold stimulation. Let the wok stand until it cools down to room temperature, then rinse with warm water.

Pour warm water into the iron wok, submerge the black stains, and soak for a while. After the water is cool, sprinkle with baking soda and stir well, then let it sit for a day to fully soften the carbonized black stains. Then wipe off the black stain with detergent or baking soda. Check for carbon black stains remaining. If there is, use a steel wool or a rough scouring pad and baking soda to wipe the black stain vigorously, and try a few more times.

After these steps are taken to deal with the iron wok, the iron wok should be re-opened and maintained, otherwise the iron wok will lose its rust-proof oil film layer.

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