How to choose the right wok?

How to choose a suitable frying wok pan mainly starts from the following aspects.

* Material

  • Iron wok:

Material characteristics: The traditional iron wok does not contain other special chemical substances in material, and has strong anti-oxidation ability. Generally, iron wok products on the market are also subdivided into pig iron woks and refined iron woks. There are some differences in the characteristics of the two: The cast iron wok pan is suitable for slow frying. The design under the general production situation is that the bottom is thick and the wall is thin, the weight is relatively heavy, and it is easier to control the heat. Friends who like slow frying can buy it. The fine iron wok is suitable for frying in high heat. It is made of black iron sheet forging or hand hammering. The surface is usually multi-treated, the wok body is thinner, and the temperature of the flame can be directly transmitted to the food through the wok.

Disadvantages: The iron wok needs maintenance. Improper maintenance will make the iron wok rust. It is non-toxic and can be reused as long as the rust is wiped off. The weight is heavier than the aluminum wok.

Friends who like iron woks can try Bielmeier’s hand hammered woks. I have used them and they are very useful.

  • Stainless steel wok:

Material characteristics: Compared with cast iron woks, stainless steel woks are lighter in weight and more durable. In addition, the stainless steel wok will not rust, will not hide dirt, and if it is cleaned regularly and properly, the wok body can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Disadvantages: The heat preservation effect is poor. If the food stored in the stainless steel wok in winter is not eaten immediately, it will become leftovers in a very short time. The price is higher. Compared with traditional iron woks, the price of stainless steel wok is often more than 30% higher.

  • Alloy wok:

Material characteristics: Most of the wok made of alloy are aluminum alloy products, and there are a few titanium alloy products. Alloy wok pans generally have a non-stick coating, so as long as the heat isn’t too high, it won’t affect your health. However, there are good and bad ones in the market, and choosing a big brand is more guaranteed for quality.

* Size

From the perspective of the diameter of the wok, it is suitable for 6-10 people above 36cm, 1-2 people below 30cm, and 3-6 people at 32, 33cm, and 34cm. From the perspective of the depth of the wok, it is generally 8cm-13cm, and the maximum depth of the household wok is 12cm, and the larger is the commercial wok.

* Stove

Different stoves are suitable for different woks. When purchasing a frying wok pan, consider whether the stove at home is suitable. The induction cooker needs to buy a flat-bottomed wok, and the gas stove is suitable for various wok shapes, and the specific problems are analyzed in detail.

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