How to avoid sticking to the pan when frying?

When you stir-fry meat dishes in a wok, will it stick to the wok and burn? This is due to the material. Wok pans are generally made of iron and carbon steel. The surface of the iron wok pan or carbon steel wok has its own “air holes”, which are invisible to the naked eye, but when cooking, eggs, meat and other ingredients will seep into the “air holes”, causing the wok to stick. The best way to prevent sticking to the wok is to separate the ingredients from the wok with oil. In other words, let the iron wok form an “oil film” and fill the pores with oil. As long as the “oil film” of oil is there, and this “oil film” is kept thicker and thicker, the wok will become better and better. Not easy to stick to the wok pan.

How to make the wok to be non-stick?

Start by washing your newly purchased Bielmeier wok with dish soap and warm water to remove the protective oil and other stains from the new wok pan.

Then, wipe off the water in the wok, turn on the fire and dry it, and evenly dry the wok body, wok wall, and wok bottom, and put your hand 10cm above the wok, and you can feel the obvious heat rushing up.

The principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the pores of the iron wok have been “opened”. Pour in the oil or use fatty pork, dip a kitchen towel or a clean cloth in the oil, wipe around the inside of the wok pan evenly, and fill the pores with oil. This kind of hot wok with dry burning first and then put in oil works best with cold oil. If you add oil first and then heat the cold wok with cold oil, the air holes of the iron wok are not opened, and the oil cannot seep in, and the seasoned-wok effect is very poor.

Tips: The wok will be very hot when oil is applied. Be careful of burns. You can use a shovel to press the paper towel, or use chopsticks to wipe the fat back and forth in the wok.

Third, when the oil on the surface of the wok is slowly absorbed, continue to repeat 3-5 times, try to let the oil fill all the pores, and the deep pores are also saturated with oil. Wait until thewok is cold before using it. At this time, the pores are retracted, and the oil has deeply filled the pores, so it is not easy to stick to the wok.

Tips: If the opened iron wok is not used for a long time, first wash the residual oil on the surface of the wok with detergent and cold warm water to avoid long-term storage and oil consumption.

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