Good things out of the box – Bielmeier’s carbon steel wok

Recently, a friend recommended Bielmeier’s wok pan to me. After using it for a while, this wok is indeed better than the previous wok I bought, and the price is affordable. So let me give you a simple sharing, talk about the usefulness of this wok, and whether it is worth it.

Package Design:

The packaging of this wok is relatively simple. The outer packaging is a kraft paper box, inside is a non-woven bag with a 30cm iron wok, a wooden handle, a wooden spatula, a pair of long chopsticks, a wooden wok lid, a loofah, and an instruction manual. The accessories are all made of wood, which is close to nature, and is practical and beautiful to match.

Appearance design:

This wok is a flat-bottomed wok, but again about the same depth as a round-bottomed wok. There is a hammer pattern on the wok body, which is very beautiful. The handle is detachable and easy to install. Remove the handle and the wok can be used in the oven, the design is different from the ordinary wok. The design of the ordinary wok is to directly fix the handle with the screw.

This wok pan is lighter in weight than a cast iron pan. Nitriding technology is used in the wok. Nitrogen ions are infiltrated into the surface of the iron wok in a high-temperature vacuum equipment, and then special treatment is performed to form a rust release layer of iron nitride + iron oxide on the surface of the wok, and the rust prevention effect is better.

Use experience:

The experience of using this wok is very good. It conducts heat very quickly, and the heat conduction area of the wok is evenly covered. There will be no situation where the wok is hot on one side and not on the other side, and the fried dishes will taste better. However, it should be noted that because it is an iron wok, there will be a little stick to the wok more or less. If you want it to be non-stick, you should pay more attention to maintenance, because the wok is the same as a person. If you maintain it well, you will be refreshed. In addition, the depth of this mouth is what I prefer, neither deep nor shallow. For example, I like to flip the wok when cooking. If it is too shallow, the technique is not in place, and it is easy to flip the dishes. And the depth of this wok is just a little bit deeper than the shallow one. Even if the skill of flipping the wok is not very good, you can rest assured to flip the wok without worrying about it being flipped out.


In general, this wok is still very good. Not only is it relatively light in weight, its rust-proof effect is also better than that of ordinary iron woks, and the price is very affordable. For this price, the quality is good.

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